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CWS Sound and Lighting Ltd


CWS can provide you with a full advisory service and solution for your entire production or event. We will work with you to manage all production and technical aspects of your event to ensure everything is covered and everything runs smoothly.

If you are looking for us to provide sound equipment only, with or without the services of our Technicians, we can discuss your requirements with you.

The sound equipment currently available for hire is detailed below:

  • Speaker Systems (including L'Acoustics Kara, SB18s and L'Acoustics 12XT's)
  • Amplifiers (including L'Acoustics Kara, LA8s and LA4X)
  • Mixing Desks (including Yamaha Digital Mixing Desks)
  • Multicores
  • Microphones
  • Radio Microphones

CWS has recently invested in the stunning and versatile L'acoustics Kara Line Array sound system with SB18 subs and LA8 amplifiers.

Contact us on 07720 054998 for rates of hire (including partners network rates for L'acoustics rental companies).